aditus foundation was founded in 2011 by three lawyers (Neil Falzon, Nicola Mallia and Carla Camilleri) who wanted to create an organisation that focuses almost exclusively on advocacy, on constantly pushing the bar higher and higher in order to achieve stronger and more effective human rights protection for all persons in Malta.

We are inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and as lawyers are wholly committed to removing those obstacles preventing anyone from accessing and enjoying their fundamental human rights. Our mission calls us to monitor, report and act on access to human rights in Malta. We work on asylum and migration, equality and non-discrimination, rule of law and governance issues.

More about our work

aditus foundation was established as a human rights NGO working towards a society where all persons in Malta may enjoy all their fundamental human rights, and have access to remedies where necessary.

Our mission calls us to monitor, report and act on access to human rights in Malta. Here we explain how we translate these action words into concrete activities and initiatives.

Our advocacy initiatives target areas where we feel legal or policy changes are necessary and where our contribution can make a difference. In all this, we work closely with several partners: governmental and non-governmental; national, European and international. Through our Pro Bono Unit, we focus our energies and resources on the most vulnerable communities by offering information, empowerment support and interventions.

A lot of our work is gathered within projects since most NGO funding opportunities tend to be project-oriented. However, a very large percentage of our work is not contained within a project, but happens in response to current situations or due to advocacy targets that we feel are necessary to achieve.

Visit our website for a full overview of our project work and advocacy initiatives.

Support our work

We rely entirely on public funding and donations. Donations allow us give free legal advice, pay interpreters and also pay our office and utility bills. You can support our work in various ways and we are always immensely grateful to anyone who does. Click here for more information on how you can support us.